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Mini Vacuum Cleaner -  Fun in Function 


Product concept based on a duster joind the vacuum cleaner idea, focusing on dust cleaning facility without spreading into the environment.


The appearance and use follows the Alessi brand image using creativity, fun and obviously function.


Consumer can invent new ways of use improving product performance.



Development year: 2007


Course: Master in Strategic Design - IED

Tradition Project - The Natural Water Freshness

The main concept of this product is to use the clay as main material for the inner water tank as the old clay filters and also the design that refers to the old filters used in almost every home in Brazil.


Nowadays with the several industrialized beverages offers such as soft drinks, people are drinking less water.


The product idea is to reintroduce the drinking water habit, keeping the natural freshness of the water that occurs with the heat exchange through the pores of the clay used in the inner water tank.


Year of development: 2013


Function: Lead Industrial Designer

Glass Cooktop Continental

First cooktop developed for Continental brand in the Brazilian market. The main aspect of the project was the low production cost and modularity. For it was created a single base (metal under box) that could be used in various products. On that base it was possible to create two products with 4 and 5 burners with different knob positions, optimizing costs and investments, and a better production.


New concept of knob creating a striking feature in the product. Another interesting detail was the use of two colors in printing, which brought more life and a great market advantage for the product.


Development year: 2008


Job Title:  Lead Industrial Designer

GE Ingenious Refrigerator

Project developed in Brazil and Mexico for the General Electric - GE brand for all Latin America market. Had consisted in the complete renovation of GE refrigerators range. The relaunch of the brand in the Brazilian market.


Project with several unprecedented concepts in the domestic market as pocket/fullgrip handle, external access (homebar), Ice Maker easy to use, among others.


Developed in conjunction with Mabe Design Team in Querétaro - MX and the famous Brazilian design office Indio da Costa AUDT.


Development years: 2009 e 2010


Job Title:  Industrial Design Manager

Continental  LC-10 Cooker
The idea of this project was to create a new concept cooker, revolutionary in the Brazilian market.


Consisted in complete renovation of the Continental brand cookers range for Brazil, Latin America and Africa.


Developed in conjunction with the MDR design team (Reginal Brands) in Munich, Germany.


Development years: 2001 e 2002


Job Title: Industrial Designer 

Continental Inovazzione Cooker


Project started at BSH Home Appliances and finalized in Mabe Brazil Home Appliances.


Innovative project in the Brazilian market, a new concept for cookers. The split of commands (hob and oven) facilitate the use of the product creating an intuitive process.


Project started with the World Design Center BSH (MDB and MDR) in Munich, Germany and finished at Mabe Design Center in Queretaro in Mexico.


Development years: 2008 to 2010


Job Title: Industrial Design Manager


Bosch Space Refrigerator

First design Project developed in Brazil for Bosch home appliances brand.


Consisted of complete renovation of refrigerators line of Bosch Brazil and Latin America. Introduced interesting concepts such as electronic touch panel, water dispenser integrated into the door, full grip handles, among others.


Developed in conjunction with Bosch design team in Munich, Germany.


Global platform developed for BSH Home Appliances Group.


Development years: 2004 and 2005


Job Title: Senior Industrial Designer 



Cube Project -  A New Way of Consumption

The main concept of this product is to stimulate water consumption by people of all ages.


The product has an innovative consumption panel that indicates, in a simple way, the quantity of water consumed by user and how much is necessary for a healthy consumption during the day.


The project would be developed in Brazil and manufactured by a Chinese partner supplier.


Development year: 2013


Function: Lead Industrial Designer

Aqua Furniture -  The Five Senses Inspiration

This concept furniture was created using the five senses (vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch) as inspiration. The water, main character, is present in most senses providing emotional and physical sensations.


The shape of the product was based on water molecule generating a fun and playful idea. Users can model the best way to use the product, which contains several compartments separated by stripes (Ziploc concept) keeping the water in several ways.



Development year: 2007


Course: Master in Strategic Design - IED

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